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Shutterstock alcoholic article

Study Shows the Brain’s “Go Pathway” is the Key to Alcoholism

What makes a person reach for a second, third, or seventh drink may lie in the over excitement in an action center in the brain, says a new study.

Shutterstock student loan article

Survey Shows 30% of Millennials Would Sell a Kidney To Escape Debt

Millennials who are saddled with student loans and credit card bills seem eager, even desperate, to rid themselves of burdensome debt.

Thailand fireball article

Video: Mysterious Fireball Lights Up Sky in Bangkok - TheRichest

Morning commuters saw an object drop from the sky and explode in a brilliant white flash over Bangkok, Thailand...

Moses malone1 article

NBA Legend Moses Malone Dies at Age 60

Moses Malone, sports icon who helped bring the Philadelphia 76ers a championship, died in his sleep in Norfolk, Va.

Full throttle saloon article

Famous Full Throttle Saloon Burns to the Ground

The Full Throttle Saloon known as the “world’s largest” biker bar and subject of a reality television series was destroyed by fire...

Shutterstock jessica simpson article

Jessica Simpson Says Marriage To Ex Nick Lachey Was Her “Biggest Money Mistake”

Jessica Simpson shares how she turned her brand into a $1 billion dollar business.

Aptr caitlyn jenner article

Caitlyn Jenner Says Prison Time is the “Worst Scenario”

Caitlyn Jenner spoke publicly for the first time this week on her involvement in a car crash that killed a woman on earlier this year...

Dan bilzerian article

Burglars Break Into Dan Bilzerian’s Mansion

Poker player Dan Bilzerian lavish lifestyle made him a target for a break-in.

Shutterstock apple 2 article

Apple and Google to Pay $415M to Tech Workers in Settlement ...

Apple and Google to Pay $415M to Tech Workers in Se...

Usa floyd mayweather 3 article

Mayweather Used Illegal IV Before Pacquiao Fight? - TheRichest

A controversy is swirling around Floyd Mayweather and his alleged use of an intravenous injection prior to the legendary boxing match against Manny Pacquiao

Dear fat people article

Nicole Arbour Fired Due to “Dear Fat People” Video

Actress Nicole who published a controversial video titled “Dear Fat People” has reportedly been dropped from an indie film deal.

Shutterstock cecil the lion article

Cecil the Lion's Killer Speaks Out

The Minnesota hunter whose killing of Cecil the lion in July sparked global anger and said Sunday he was returning to work this week.

Kim app article

Kardashian Apps Hacked: 900,000 Users Exposed

This week the Kardashian and Kenner sister released mobile apps that immediately became top sellers — only to be hacked leaking hundreds of thousands users’ names and email addresses....

Prosthetic limb article

Man With Robotic Hand Can "Feel" Again

A paralyzed man was able to feel touch using a robotic hand, which brings mind-controlled prosthetics closer to reality....