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Study sheds light on why men don't live as long as women

Heart disease found to the culprit in longevity differences between women and men.

Burke stroke map article

Stroke care: Where you live makes a huge difference - MedCity News

Where you lives makes a differences in stroke care. U-M study found geographic differences in tPA use in stroke....

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Rapid Ebola diagnostic test successful in field trial

Rapid Ebola test was found faster equally accurate as conventional lab methods.

An ebola survivor in sierra leone %2816423813406%29 article

Sierra Leone's Ebola outbreak dash hopes for epidemic's end

Continuing Ebola diagnoses in Sierra Leone and Guinea.

2015 may 18 ebola data map article

New Ebola death in Liberia, officals urge citizens not to panic - MedCity News

Liberia officers report a new Ebola death and urge country not to panic....

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PRIDE study on LGBTQ health in U.S. began this week - MedCity News

UCSF launched PRIDE study to understand health needs and priorities of LGBTQ people in the U.S....

Malaria rapid diagnostic test 3 article

Laser tool can diagnose malaria in seconds, study finds - MedCity News

A non-invasive laser device has been developed that can diagnose malaria in 20 seconds, says Rice University researchers....

Subway's Jared Fogle, founder of kid's health charity, under investigation - MedCity News

Former Executive Director of Jared Fogle's eponymous children's charity arrested on child pornography charges.

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Rapid test, vaccine may end Ebola outbreak - MedCity News

Ebola outbreak may be finally eradicated with rapid ebola tests and an experimental vaccine...

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Hearing Loss Linked to Increased Risk of Death - MedCity News

Hearing loss is linked with greater mortality according Johns Hopkins School of Medicine study...